Defining The Luminaire

A wide variety of options is available to light every space and task within the home. To choose the right option, it pays to understand the basic lighting unit. Read this article defining the luminaire.

Lighting Tips For Your Hallway

The lighting in your hallways should feel comfortable. You can use many lighting techniques to maximize the lighting in your hall. Read this article to learn how to implement lighting tips for your hallway.

Lighting The Home Office

Lighting the Home Office

One in five Americans work from home. Read this article to learn why lighting the home office is essential to performing at your best.

lighting the dining room

Lighting the Dining Room

The dining room is a place where families often gather. Read these tips and learn how lighting can help benefit your dining experience.

closet lighting

Closet Lighting

Closet Lighting is a simple way to enhance lifestyle and convenience in the home. Read this article to learn how you can apply these lighting designs tips.